Photography has been my passion since receiving a camera as a Christmas present at 10 years old.

Since 2012  i have concentrated on portrait,glamour, fashion and boudoir photography.

I am always looking to expand my portfolio with new styles and images so get in touch if you would like to collaborate.

Chris Cooze

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PurplePort References for ChrisCooze

Kitty Dawson : July 2022 I had a lovely, productive, creative and hot shoot with Chris! (by hot, I mean the weather, haha!) Upon meeting, Chris was professional, creative, passionate about photography and a lovely person. Chris and I whizzed threw a good number of sets in the time we had and explored various areas of the studio, including experimentation with the sun rays through the blinds. We shot various levels. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris and I hope I get the chance to create with him again. Highly recommended photographer Smile

Theresa Louise: April 2022 Chris is by far one of my favourite photographers He is the most easiest going person you will ever meet. A bloody awesome photographer and always up for a giggle. The first shoot in ages where I actually felt 100% comfortable posing after my health battle. Can't thank you enough T x

 Saracen House Studio: April 2022  It's always wonderful welcoming Chris back to the studio - as ever, the perfect gentleman, lots of clear ideas, a deep knowledge of how to create them and genuinely one of the nicest people you'll meet with a camera. Highly recommended to all, always welcome at Saracen House Studio Smile

Ayla: Jan 2020 An absolutely fabulous shoot with Chris at my home studio Athena Chris is soo awesome to work with - such a good photographer and lovely person! His pre comms were excellent and he had lots of great ideas on the day. Highly recommended and I would definitely shoot with him again

The Snowdrop Studio Dec 2019 It was super to see Chris back at Snowdrop for his annual “ rootin, tootin, shootin” Session with Theresa - I love Chris creativity and he really makes use of some of the weird props in the studio and oh my goodness, they really work!! I feel I need to buy more mannequins and steampunk coats now 😉 cannot wait to see the final images... from what I saw in the camera... this total gent is an absolute wiz with his camera and getting a bloody great shot - see you next year x

theresa louise: Dec 2019 Flipping love working with this amazing photographer. 1 million percent the most genuine, kind hearted gentleman I know. Has so much respect for the model and his surroundings. 4hrs honestly isn't long enough shooting with Chris. Could shoot all day. Thanks so much for a fab shoot. Happy New Year to you Much love T x

Helen Diaz: Nov 2019 I worked with Chris recently at Fine and Dandee studios over my studio weekend and had such a lovely shoot! It was our first time working together so I am always a little nervous but needn't have been! From first introductions I felt like I had known Chris YEARS! He is just such a lovely, kind, respectful gentleman and we had a great rapport from the offset! I must have smiled from start to finish, Chris is great company. Chris was super organised and had also kindly sent me a list of items prior to the shoot which he wanted me to bring. I always find this very useful as I generally pack days in advance prior to my tour also. Chris' lighting was beautiful and I really loved the results! I really look forward to seeing the uploads! I loved experimenting with the different lighting techniques and Chris' direction and artistic talent are wonderful. I really hope we get the opportunity to work together again. A lovely spirit! Thankyou for a lovely shoot, Highly recommended to all, Helen

x theresa louise Oct 2019 This is one of the photographers I really get excited about shooting with. Chris is one in a million, the nicest bloke you will ever meet and a flipping good photographer. We always start off with a chat and cuppa, run through Chris's ideas he saves on his tablet. He's also happy for any input I have myself. Every shoot is so chilled but super productive. A very skilled photographer with the perfect attitude towards models. 1 billion percent recommended. Thanks so much T x

Artemis Fauna July 2019 I got to shoot with Chris again last week on my latest tour! I always really enjoy working with Chris and we seem to shoot something very different each time! Chris had loads of inspiration images to work through which was great and I adore the images we got in the cool modern home location we used in MK! Can't wait to see more images go up and hopefully work with Chris again soon! Thanks for everything and speak soon

Rebecca Perry March 2019 Had my first shoot with Chris at Saracen House Studio in Milton Keynes & What a pleasure it was! I cannot recommend Chris and the studio enough! Fantastic pre shoot communications, everything planned/organized smoothly. Also very personable on the shoot and we had some fantastic conversations during the session which helped keep things relaxed. If you shoot with Chris you will get 1.An enjoyable fun shooting! 2. Great comms, 3. Excellent on set experience, 4.Excellent images he is very respectful and a lovely person. Thank you very much for a brilliant photoshoot & I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Gabriella Knight March 2019 I had fantastic first shoot with Chris at hacienda ! Chris was great! Very friendly , respectful,professional and super chatty! We had lots of interesting conversations and time flew by! I saw pictures on computer, and I was really impressed! I would definitely work with Chris again! Highly recommended

Reference by Rachelle Summers: Jan 2019 Another fabulous shoot with Chris! It's always a pleasure catching up with him, he is so friendly and chatty that we always have a great shoot nattering away whilst producing some lovely work together We shot at my airbnb this time round and worked our way round the apartment shooting in the different areas it had to offer, from what I saw on the back of the camera we got some lovely images Would highly recommend him and hope to see him again next time I visit the area!

Reference by The Snowdrop Studio: Dec 2018 The lovely Chris booked 4 hours with Theresa Louise at Snowdrop and what a gent! How nice and freshing it was to meet Chris, thoroughly interesting and extremely knowledgeable. His photography well, speaks for itself! Look forward to seeing chris here again soon

Reference by theresa louise: Dec 2018 I've said it before and I'll say it again. One of the nicest photographers you will ever meet in this industry. Extremely respectful, a complete gentleman and a cracking photographer. Chris booked me at The Snowdrop Studio in Aylesbury where he turned up on time, had a cuppa and chat. Showed me some ideas then before you knew it 4hrs was gone. Thanks for another great shoot Much love T x

Reference by Saracen House Studio: Nov 2018 It was wonderful to finally welcome Chris to our new studio - an old friend of Saracen House, Chris is always one of the nicest people we know, comes prepared with oodles of ideas and concepts and a fantastic photographer to boot! See you again soon Chris!

Reference by theresa louise: Oct 2018 Yet another fabulous shoot with Chris. Such a professional, respectful, cheerful photographer who instantly makes you feel at ease. Every shoot i've done with Chris has never been rushed. Quality over quantity Highly recommend Chris to any model. Thanks for a fab, chilled shoot. T x

Reference by Ayla: June 2018  I worked with the wonderful Chris at my home in Ipswich. I don't know why its taken me so long to leave Chris a reference but he was a joy to work with. He took some stunning images and he was polite, friendly and very kind. Highly recommended! Ayla

Reference by studiofiftyeight : July 2018  Recommended Studio Fifty Eight Ltd: We had the pleasure of Chris coming to Studio Fifty Eight today for his shoot with Rachelle Summers. Chris was well on time and all ready for the shoot. Chris has very good knowledge of using his lights and all the studio equipment and worked. I would thoroughly recommend Chris to any model wanting to work with him. Thank you Chris. Best regards Andy.

Reference by rachellesummers : April 2018  Recommended Rachelle Summers: I had an awesome first shoot with Chris last week! He is very laid back and likes to take time on a set to get the best possible images rather than rush through. From what I saw on the back of the camera and on his laptop we got some absolutely stunning images and I'm chuffed with what we achieved on the day Big smile The 5 hours flew by and simply wasn't long enough! Chris is fab company, really chatty and friendly and I got on with him incredibly well Smile Would love to work with Chris in the future and would highly recommend him!

 Reference by bigshotstudio : Dec 2017  Recommended  Big Shot Studio: Chris attended Big Shot to shoot with Theresa, I found Chris to be a lovely friendly guy who is obviously passionate about his photography. Chris was respectful of the studio environment and totally professional working with Theresa. He came along with his own shoot ideas and is obviously comfortable and used to working within a studio environment. I would be happy to recommend Chris to other models and studios and he is always welcome back here anytime.

Reference by theresalouise : Dec 2017  Recommended theresa louise: Chris booked on my Studio day at Big Shot Studio today. Can't believe it's been 4 years since we last shot. Chris is such a great guy, friendly, chatty, easy going, super chilled and a bloody awesome photographer. Highly recommended Thanks T xxx 

Reference by daninfinity : Aug 2017  Recommended Dan Infinity: So little did Chris know but I have admired his work for sometime now & little did I know that Chris has wanted to work with me also! So we got our chance at Saracen House & I knew instantly we would create some serious MAGIC!!!! The images I seen during our shoot were looking amazing BUT the images I he has since posted are absolutely insane...I adore them!!!! We got on so well, I would 100% recommend Chris to others & I cant wait to work together again in the near future. Thank you for an incredible shoot Dan x

Reference by saracenhousestudio: July 2017  Recommended Saracen House Studio: One of our oldest friends at Saracen House and it's always such a pleasure having Chris with us; every shoot is well prepared for, relaxed, creative and always full of laughter. He also happens to be a very talented photographer who really strives to push his own ability on every shoot. And a bloody nice guy too... some people have it all Wink See you again soon Chris!

Reference by kateee2610: May 2017  Recommended Kate Laura: I LOVE CHRIS! what a great guy! chris shot me yesterday at saracen house studio at my studio day.. as soon as chris arrived he was full of joy and laughter and we gelled straight away. was great to shoot with someone who was so creative with many ideas ready and prepared for the shoot loved his camera kit too, amazing medium format hassleblad! great guy, great shoot.. can't ask for any more! Kate x

Reference by artemis: Feb 2017  Recommended Artemis Fauna: I got to work with Chris again at a superdupercool location just yesterday! We booked Woodbridge Studio for two hours and worked some serious latexy magic in that time!! WOW and WOW again. We took some amaaaazingly cool images and I am so excited to see them go up. Chris was as super as last time- chilled out, lovely and totally put up with my selfie and video annoyances like a pro! Wink Can't recommend him enough and hope to work with him again in the future!

Reference by pennylee: Aug 2016  Recommended Penny Lee: Had a great couple of hours with Chris on my studio day at Saracen House at the weekend. He was such a lovely guy, really friendly and chatty and took amazing pictures too! They looked great on the back on the camera. He turned up with lots of ideas which I always love and gave direction well. I hope we can shoot together soon again xx

Reference by shannie: June 2016  Recommended Shannie: I met the lovely Chris at my studio day at Saracen House, and instantly I knew it was going to be a run and relaxed shoot. Chris is very chatty and a great sense of humour, but equally takes his time perfecting the shots he wants to take. He contributed and suggested lots of styling ideas and I can't wait to see the final results! Highly recommended and would love to work with him again! Shannie 

Reference by bhrose: March 2016  Recommended Rosa Brighid: I had the best shoot with Chris recently at Saracen House. Having already met him a few days before at The Photography Show, it was good to see a familiar face! He was so fun to work with, let me go wild with the styling, and was very chatty and a good laugh. I love the variety of his work, so I look forward to seeing some of the images edited. A gentlemen who brings a great energy to a shoot. The shoot really did fly by! Thanks for coming to work with me. Highly Reccomended.

Reference by stephanieknight: April 2015  Recommended stephanieknight: I had such a fab shoot with Chris as always! Everytime we get fantastic results. I would highly recommend Chris. Very professional and a pleasure to work with! I hope to work with Chris again soon!

Reference by artemis: April 2015 Recommended Artemis Fauna: Chris came over to my place for the day last week. We decided to kind of make it up as we went along and in the process had a lot of fun, chatted and took some super images! I had previously met Chris about a year ago (but not shot with him) so it was good to catch up. Chris was great to work with. Laid back, fun and more than happy to collaborate on ideas with me. I am really pleased with what we fit in and adore the head shot and ballet images I have seen so far- soooo goood!!! Thank you Chris, really hope to work with you again one day! Highly Recommended!!

Purestorm References

 Added by StephanieKnight - 17 June 2014 I loved shooting with Chris!! He is such a lovely and fun guy to work with. And professional on all levels. We got some amazing shots & I would love to with with Chris again! Highly reccomend to any new or professional model.

Added by chanel_sphinx - 19 Dec 2013  First shoot with chris on my studio day at saracen house. Been wanting to shoot with chris for ages and finally got the chance. Chris is a true professional, with some amazing ideas. Really looking forward to seeing the images thanks for a fab shoot and i hope there's many more to come theresa louise xxx

Added by nickyphillips - 23 June 2013 Shot with chris on my model day at saracen house last week, he is ace to work with, professional and a really lovely guy. Thank you

Added by Tammy10 - 7 May 2013 I had my first shoot with Chris on Saturday, Chris was very friendly, chatty, proffesional and full of ideas. We had a productive shoot two hour shoot working with lots of different looks. I saw some of the images as they were shot and really like what I have seen Chris post so far. Great photographer who I'd like to work with again and strongly recommend. Tammy :)

Added by MissL - 15 Aug 2012 Worked with Chris at Saracen house. He was a true gent, very easy to work with, and has a great eye. I loved the images he captured, and hoping to steal a few for my portfolio :D Chris was very professional, I would love to work with him again & would highly recommend working with him.

Added by StephStephxx - 21 July 2012 I worked with Chris last weekend, he's such a lovely guy and very respectful of model's! He didn't push my levels at all which is really refreshing! Definitely recommend! X

Added by emmakatedawson - 5 June 2012 Worked with Chris at a studio day and wow! Not only a lovely bloke but his images speak for themselves. He caught some beautiful images of me! Professional photographer, quality Images, easy to work with what u waiting for??!!!

Added by Jo_Louise - 26 May 2012 I had a very quick but enjoyable and productive shoot with Chris at Saracen House Studio yesterday :) Chris is really easy going and friendly and was fun working with. Looking forward to seeing the images, happily reccommened to other Models :) thank you

Added by saracenhousestudio - 29 April 2012 It's always a pleasure to see Chris back here at Saracen House... he's an absolute pleasure to have here - always so friendly and easy to get on with. And also a very talented photographer... highly recommended to all!

Added by kellismith - 29 April 2012 Worked with Chris on my model day at Saracen House for the first time. What can i say? What an absolute gentleman. He came along to the shoot with plenty of ideas and I look forward to seeing the outcome. very professional and recommended by me!

Added by sabrina_l - 14 March 2012 I worked with Chris today - he was amazing to work with. So talented, 100% professional and really good fun! The 4 hours just flew, I can't wait to work with him on some more ideas.

Added by liquidkitten - 15 Feb 2012 worked with Chris on a group shoot in Milton keynes, bubbly very easy to work with and knows his stuff, great edits thanks hun, highly recommended xxx

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